How You Can Help 1 Child

Canadian Child Abuse Association is committed to supporting professionals, communities, victims and witnesses involved in the investigation of child abuse through:

  • Development and delivery of educational products and services
  • Promotion of a coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations
  • Identification and response to key issues and concerns of child abuse investigators
  • Advocacy for excellence and professionalism in the investigation of child abuse
  • Promotion of the well-being of children and families going through the investigative process
  • Provision of professional training
  • Research

Take A Look At How Your Donation Helps A Child Witness:

This intensive online program is designed to train and qualify students to provide assistance to child witnesses or victims. The course provides an overview of criminal procedure and discusses how children can be vulnerable to abuse and thus required to testify in court. Each module is delivered using several video presentations, downloadable readings, that can be completed online at your own pace. An electronic certificate will be provided for the completion of each module and a separate hard copy certificate will be issued upon completion of the series.