Support a child and family through the court process.

Serving as a volunteer at CCAA is a rewarding experience that provides many opportunities for you to learn about the criminal justice system, while providing a valuable service to children and their families.

CCAA is currently looking for individuals who are compassionate, enthusiastic, reliable, and committed to make a difference in not just their lives, but also the lives around them.

Please contact Alice at or (403) 289-8385 to express your interest, find out about the volunteer selection process & training, or receive more information.

This lean and dynamic organization provides a wealth of professional and personal support to children and families under often unimaginable strains. To then see the kids and families draw on that support to discover strengths they didn't know they had is a joy and a privilege

Court Accompaniment Advocate Volunteer

...thank you to all the children who have let me into their lives at a delicate time, trusted me with their fears and allowed me to sit in court with them. Their courage and strength is amazing... I can feel the blooming confidence in each child as they finish testifying. The children have forever touched my heart ♥ and I am forever in awe of each and every one of them...

Court Accompaniment Advocate Volunteer

It is a privilege to be able to walk along side a child and support them on their journey through the court system. Every time I witness a child's strength and resiliency, I am humbled and inspired . . .

Court Accompaniment Advocate Volunteer

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