Online CWCPP Facilitator Training Series

Online Training For The Community Professional

This intensive online program is designed to train and qualify students to provide assistance to child witnesses or victims. The course provides an overview of criminal procedure and discusses how children can be vulnerable to abuse and thus required to testify in court. Each module is delivered using several video presentations, downloadable readings, that can be completed online at your own pace. An electronic certificate will be provided for the completion of each module and a separate hard copy certificate will be issued upon completion of the series.

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Certificate of Completion

Certificate Sample

Core Concepts Central To Child Witnesses And Court Preparation

  • To understand how children can be vulnerable to abuse and thus required to testify in court
  • To identify the advantages to children receiving court preparation
  • To understand essential components of a credible and professional court preparation program
  • To identify core concepts necessary for child preparation
  • To identify core concepts necessary for preparing supportive parents/caregivers
Module 1

Core Development Issues And Family Dynamics Relevant To Child Witnesses

  • To become clear about the expectations that the court system has of child witnesses
  • To identify how the vulnerability of children can impact their ability to disclose child abuse and testify about it
  • To understand the developmental and communication barriers of children at different ages
  • To become familiar with variables that are related to a favorable outcome for children both in court & in their later adjustment
  • To understand how the stress of child abuse and testifying in court affects family members
Module 2

Court Roles, Rules And Legislation

  • To identify personnel in the courtroom and the roles they have
  • To become familiar with the proper etiquette and behaviour in the courtroom
  • To understand some of the more challenging court concepts and precedents
  • To understand how jurors assess child witnesses and their credibility
  • To be exposed to the legislation of The Criminal Code of Canada, Bill C-15, Bill C-2 as it relates to child witnesses
Module 3

Court Preparation Research And Strategies

  • To recognize the costs/benefits of both group and individual preparation
  • To identify court preparation strategies most useful for young child witnesses
  • To identify court preparation strategies most useful for adolescents
  • To identify court preparation strategies most beneficial for parents/caregivers
  • To become familiar with online court preparation - the advantages and challenges
Module 4
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We Redesigned Our Entire Curriculum

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A Series Of Online Workshops For The Community Professional.

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