6 Session - Court Preparation Facilitator Training

Court Preparation & Court Acompaniment

The Canadian Child Abuse Association ("CCAA") has added virtual training to our training programs. Training for those community professionals who work with children and their families through the criminal justice system.

The CCAA was formed in 1985 by child welfare investigator Lynn Barry to respond to the growing need for a professional approach to child abuse investigations and to help children navigate the legal system. The Child Witness Court Preparation was developed shortly thereafter to address the necessity for thorough preparation of child witnesses.

The CCAA Child Witness Court Preparation and Court Accompaniment face-to-face and virtual training offer the same content. There is a live component for each of the virtual sessions including some small and large group discussions and ample time for questions. We will help facilitators become skilled at specific child focused methods for preparation and accompaniment.

The collaborative environment allows students to learn from instructors, each other, and from discussions and role plays. Participants will leave the training with the knowledge, skills, and materials required to facilitate child, teen and parent / caregiver court preparation sessions as well as provide helpful and professional court accompaniment to child witnesses.

The Canadian Child Abuse Association is determined to help fill the “spaces in between.” We want to help other Victim Service providers ensure all children receive the same access to court preparation resources regardless of whether they live near a Child Advocacy Centre, Victim Services Unit, or more remotely.

Training Sessions

  • Session 1
    Understanding Child Abuse, Trauma Informed Practice, Healthy Boundaries, Cautions and Disclosures
  • Session 2
    Child Witness Court Preparation Program - Core Session 1
  • Session 3
    Child Witness Court Preparation Program - Core Session 2, Role of the Advocate, Court Accompaniment
  • Session 4
    Demonstration of Online Court Prep Session, Facilitating a Parent Session
  • Session 5
    Mock Court, Cross-Examination, Mock Court Demonstration and Practice
  • Session 6
    Court Accommodations, Facility Dog Presentation, Evaluating your program
Now Accepting Registrations For Fall Session (OCT 26)
6 Sessions
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We Redesigned Our Entire Curriculum

New Online Learning Modules

A Series Of Online Workshops For The Community Professional.

Professionally Designed Handbooks

Physically having something gives the content a much greater grasp of the child, teen & parents attention.

Powerful Videos & Animated Learning

Studies have shown that the use of short video clips allows for more efficient processing and memory recall.

The CCAA’s Court Preparation Content Features

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